Flight Tracking

November 22, 2006

Today is one of the busiest travel days for Americans with an expected 38 million people on the road…or in the air. If any of your dear ones are flying to their destinations here are 2 websites that will allow you to keep an eye on their progress-and a whole lot more.

FlightArrivals.com will give you the basics of arrivals and departures with buttons to let you know about a specific flight, all flights into or out of a specific airport, a specific airline’s flights into or out of a specific airport, and all flights by a specific airline from a specific departure city to a specific arrival city. In addition, this site will allow you to search delays at a specific airport-(into or out of), get airport status information-current weather, general delays with time allocations and reasons for the delay.

FlightAware.com also allows for tracking of specific flights and goings-on at airports but it also provides detailed information on airports for those of you who are flight fanatics. Airport information includes runway diagrams, satellite photos of the airport, cool graphics representing in-air planes, airport and operational information as well as details on businesses operating inside the airport-restaurants, retailers, etc. There is a ton of information in this site. Bon voyage!




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