The Carnegie medal (named for Scottish-born Andrew Carnegie) is the British equivalent of our Newberry Award–given annually to the writer of an exceptional children’s book. The Greenaway Medal, named after Kate Greenaway, (a popular 19th century artist) is the British equivalent to our Caldecott Medal– for distinguished illustration of a children’s book. There are many fine books to be discovered on these winners lists.


The Essex Library is now offering patrons a FREE, easy way to keep track of their borrowed materials. The “Elf” allows you to sign up all your library cards (assuming they are from participating libraries) and your family’s cards as well–which means parents can link their children’s cards to their own and receive notifications when materials are due, overdue and for holds that are awaiting pick-up. Library Elf is a private service not associated with the Essex Library. Go to the website and navigate through the sign-up process yourself (you’ll need the barcode from your Library card) or go the The Short List Blog posting for December 21st and that will walk you through the process step-by-step.

The Internet Tourbus

December 21, 2006

Bob Rankin and Patrick Crispin are two self-proclaimed Internet gurus who operate this website as an archive to their e-mail newsletters which are sent out twice a week. The newsletters are widely regarded as one of the best things going on the Internet. If you’re looking for information about computers, hardware, software, websites-both informative and interesting, and a little humor then subscribe to the emails. They are especially good about virus protection, anti-spam manoeuvers and updating software.

Here is a website where you can order Christmas decorations of a wreath-like nature but more importantly you can get the lyrics to all kinds of Christmas carols. You can read a variety of Christmas stories and there are pages of fun facts about trees and greens. There are even recipes for cookies and other get-together eats.

Talking About Books…

December 15, 2006

Did you ever turn on C-Span2-BookTV on the weekend only to find that you’ve missed half of the scintillating Niall Ferguson discussion on his newest book? Well, nevermore! Here is the site that provides a calendar and schedule of the programming–it even provides the past week’s schedule so you’ll know what you missed.

You Talkin’ To Me???

December 14, 2006

Who is worse?–the salesman who calls at dinner or the person who conceived of those awful phone hierarchies that seem like an endless Disneyworld ride line? Here is a listing from GetHuman of formulas for bypassing those endless instructions so you can speak to a live, human, customer service representative immediately at a host of national companies.

Trivia Quiz

December 13, 2006

There’s nothing like a trivia quiz to help pass the time during a slow moment with Uncle Homer and Aunt Millie til the next wave of turkey gravy is ready. Here’s one ready made for you. The questions are true/false and you get to see the percentage of people who already answered incorrectly before you supply your answer.