Free Online Test Prep Site

December 5, 2006

For those of you who haven’t already paid for an expensive test prep course to study for the SAT, ACT or the GRE, here is a good online study site that is absolutely free. Consumer Reports looked into online test prep sites and wrote: “Testers thought, a free site with no time limit, was as helpful as Kaplan and Princeton Review (not affiliated with the university), which charge $399 for limited-time access.” The site provides vocabulary builders, tutorials for each subject on the exams and practice exams with questions that get more difficult the better you do, and much more.


9 Responses to “Free Online Test Prep Site”

  1. Dinesh Mehta Says:

    Check out for absolutely free SAT Test Preparation. I have yet to see a solution that does a better job. It does not cost anything and if you are willing to put in the time will get you the results.

  2. Ann Thompson Says: is not absolutely free. Only a small portion of the site may be used for free-“as a guest”… the larger and more useful sections of the site are fee-based.

  3. Scott Chen Says:

    Vow… this is great. I was able to access the entire course. Is there anything else on the site that requires a payment?

  4. SFZ Says: —>> SmartDoodle Online SAT Test Prep is absolutely FREE.
    Free Online SAT PSAT Preparation, Free Online SAT Courses, Free Online Practice SAT Test, Free Vocabulary for SAT PSAT, Free Online SAT PSAT Math English Resources, Online SAT Math Problems, Review Math Solutions Online, Free SAT PSAT Test Information.

  5. SC Says:

    The entire site is free now…I think it used to require a small fee but now it’s just all-access for free. My hats are off to them!

  6. Vishal Says: This site rocks, I never found anything amazing like this, its real time class and more over its absolutely FREE of cost. Smartdoodle saved my life…..


  7. Sabi Says:

    i am afresher and i want to appear for a test

  8. Sabi Says:

    Free Online Test Prep Site”

  9. Eric Says:

    I’ve had great luck using ePrep for the students I tutor. They feature free SAT prep and college planning videos. No practice SAT tests, but great stuff to put on your iPod or watch online.

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