Barnes & Noble Book Clubs

January 30, 2007

Barnes & Noble offers online book clubs for fiction, non-fiction, classics and writing with the authors joining in on the discussions at an appointed time during the month. Among others in February, Kim Edwards will join the discussion of her book “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter”; Philippa Gregory will talk about “The Boleyn Inheritance”; Julie Powell will join in on her cooking memoir “Julie and Julia” and etiquette expert Peggy Post will join the discussion on wedding do’s and don’ts. These are just a few of what is available and every month brings new books and authors.


For players and fans alike, the United States Chess Federation has a website that covers it all. Topics include tournament coverage, player biographies, rules of the game, FAQs, a history of chess, and much, much more. The USCF, founded in 1939 with more than 80,000 current members,represents the US in the World Chess Federation linking US members to chess players around the world.

Squashed Writers

January 25, 2007

There’s simply not enough time to read all the books that ought to be read much less the ones we want to read, so here’s a website that will squash some down for you (not that we necessarily recommend missing out on the original). These abridgments take the original book down to about a half-hour of reading.

Check out the World of Gnod. This site uses its users to provide information to create suggestions for other materials the user might enjoy. Sort of like Amazon’s “customers who bought this book also bought these books” method of making suggestions for other things you might like. You can experiment with books, music and movies and see what the site has to say about what you enjoy reading, listening to and watching.

Invention Dimension

January 17, 2007

From the MIT School of Engineering   
Another great site from MIT-- this is 
“a fun-filled and at times wacky approach 
to making learning about invention exciting 
for the kid in all of us.” Includes an Inventor of
 the Week profile, games and trivia and their 
picks for great online invention resources.

It’s Tax Time!

January 16, 2007

Almost anything you need to prepare your federal income taxes, including forms and advice, can be found on the IRS website. Forms can be downloaded and printed from home or in the Library. And, of course, you can file your tax reurn electronically from this site as well.

The Connecticut Dept. of Revenue Services has mailed out the State tax return booklets as of January 16th. You may download and print tax return forms from their website, or, if you prefer, you may file your return electronically with them. They also offer free tax counseling.

Beginning February 1 this year, AARP provides Tax-Aide, their annual, free, one-on-one, walk-in tax counseling and preparation service. Tax-Aide is also available over the phone and online. There are no age restrictions for using the Tax-Aide service. Locally, there areTax-Aide centers in Old Saybrook and Madison. You can submit your zip code on their website to find a center convenient to you.

The Butterfly Site

January 12, 2007

Randi Jones, entomologist and artist asserts that this site offers the most complete and current information on butterflies on the Internet. See for yourself.