If you’re interested in words, their origins, their beauty as part of a living language and you’d like to expand your understanding and use of them, try subscribing to Wordsmith’s Word A Day service. You’ll receive an e-mail every morning with a word and its definition, pronunciation, derivation, an example of its use in a sentence and, as a bonus, a pithy quotation.



You could come to the Library and check out our on-going book sale. All items are half-price through June. In case you want to broaden your search, here’s are 2 links to antiquarian and used book stores in CT–with links to lists of similar stores in nearby states as well.

http://www.bookdirectory.org/ This is the CT Antiquarian Booksellers Directory.

http://www.abaa.org/books/abaa/databases/bookseller_search.html This is the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America website.

Save a tree, actually, save millions of trees by opting out of receiving unsolicited junk mail and catalogs. Here are a few ways:

Go to: www.optoutprescreen.com to stop unsolicited credit card offers.

Go to: www.catalogchoice.org to select the catalogs you want to receive and opt out of receiving others.

Go to the Direct Marketing Association’s website for consumers at: http://www.dmachoice.org/consumerassistance.php to remove your name from mailing and call lists that are used by most advertisers.

One Thing You Can Do

May 13, 2008

Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell recently announced a new edition of the One Thing movement in the state: a new website– http://onethingct.com/

“A OneThing is a simple step you take to save energy. But it’s more than that. It’s also the mindset that you can make a difference. A movement to get everyone involved. And a solution to help ensure a better energy future here in Connecticut.”

Here at the Essex Library, we would also encourage everyone to do another thing every day: Read. Read for pleasure, read for intellectual pursuit, read to be a role model for your children, read for whatever reason motivates you.

What’s Your Mileage?

May 12, 2008

Want to know what mileage you’re getting with your car? Visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Vehicle Guide to look up your car model and see its highway and city fuel economy statistics.


The CIA, yes, the Central Intelligence Agency, provides some of the information they gather about world countries in a nicely organized format that is available for free online. If you want to know more about Myanmar, for instance, just look it up–under Burma. There you will find information on the geography, politics, people, economy, government and more. The Fact Book is now updated regularly instead of annually.


If you’re looking to improve your PC or laptop’s performance, look no further than the Windows Secrets newsletter– “Everything Microsoft Forgot To Mention.” The particular article I’m referring readers to today is the one about nine free-ware must-have applications. They, like Consumer Reports, have test driven apps that have been recommended by others (PC Magazine, Computer Shopper, PC World, for instance) and here are the nine that pass muster.