If you haven’t had occasion to visit the North Pole or been lucky enough to see them from a passenger jet (far warmer than the North Pole), now you can, in a small picture, time lapse kind of way, see the aurora borealis for yourself thanks to Astronomy North. The truth is, you have to see them live to be sure it isn’t some kind of photography trickery. Scientists will tell you that the lights are magnetic energy set off by charged particles from the sun hitting earth’s atmosphere. If you say so. They are on the A-list of natural displays.



KEXP-Indie Band Radio

January 31, 2009

kexpIndie fans may already be familiar with Seattle radio station KEXP’s talent for uncovering new and promising musicians. Now they can enjoy listening to these bands online, as streaming audio, with an archive of live performances dating back to 2001.


Henchman’s Helper

January 31, 2009

Just ask any supervillain what you’d need to outfit your secret hideout in order to plan and carry out evil deeds. Your garden-variety megalomaniac will naturally admit to needing a number of constantly updated weather maps, live webcams from around the world, and a map tracking day and night on earth, for starters. Check out Henchman’s Helper for a look-see on how it’s done.


Better Than Drugs

January 29, 2009

If you have absolutely nothing to do–and a long time to devote to doing nothing productive due to the mesmerized state you’ll find yourself in, check out This Is Sand. The site is extremely easy to use since there’s very little to it. Just click on the square, read the instructions and start making your piles of sand. If you want to make it more elaborate, you can change the color of your sand with a rainbow to choose from. Then you can save your ‘piece’ in their gallery.


Listen to strange and mysterious sounds from the earth as supplied by NoiseAddicts.com.


Are you looking to read some Hollywood movie scripts, TV scripts or plays?  Simply Scripts has hundreds of scripts available for free to read online.


It is now a truth universally acknowledged that a young woman named Dee Dee Baldwin, in posession of a good sense of humor, must be in want of attention. OK, that’s lame but Dee Dee Baldwin’s page on Facebook which is a very funny version of Pride and Prejudice isn’t.