Lose Weight With The Daily Plate

November 8, 2009

The Daily Plate, helping you eat smarter, is the easy free way to help you track what you’re eating each day. The core essentials for the site are a huge database of foods, a food diary/meal journal to list everything you eat, and a database of activities to track calories that you burn.



2 Responses to “Lose Weight With The Daily Plate”

  1. Lefty Says:

    A year and a half ago my mother introduced me to Somersizing. I began to follow the eating plan faithfully. It took about three weeks before I really noticed weight loss, but the energy increase was immediate. Over about a 6 month period, I lost 45 lbs. and felt wonderful. What was even more amazing is that I did not want sweets and more. Fruit now tastes better than ever. Occasionally I will go out and eat what I previously called a normal meal. Usually afterwards I feel tired, so that motivates me not to eat that way anymore. Eating this way has become a way of life. I’ve gotten so much attention. I’ve shared the eating plan with about 40 friends and family members. I went to the doctor a couple weeks ago and my cholesterol and triglycerides(previously high) were excellent. It’s also changed my attitude toward exercise. I used to make myself feel so guilty for not excercising enough. Now I excercise when I can, about 3 times per week, do not feel to guilty when I miss, and enjoy it more. I know if I eat right I will still maintain the weight and the excercise is an added benefit. At Thanksgiving I decided I would have some sweets. Well I got very sick, almost like food poisoning. My body literally could not handle the sugar. Again, making me never want to return to eating sugar. Thank you so much for sharing this. It’s wonderful.
    Julie Tousa

  2. I was very impressed with this book. Although some information is available online, I prefer to get comfortable and enjoy a good book more often than not. This is an excellent companion book to The Master Cleanser by Stanley Burroughs. The author spells everything out so simply and I love all the comments he has included from people as they were doing the cleanse. It’s amazing to know what others experience along the way. Valuable information indeed!

    This book lists major pitfalls and how to avoid them, answers many questions both general and specific, and really helps you along on your own cleansing journey. I could not have been successful without this book. I HIGHLY recommend it!

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